05301. A zip code of beauty.

Vermont has been a part of my adult life since 2006, and for that, I am grateful. It not only signifies that someone very special had entered my life, but also, it reminded me that there were ways to live other than the urban grind in which i was deeply embedded.  Countless weekends, during all four seasons, were enjoyed up in the ever beautiful Brattleboro area in southern Vermont.  Having the house up on Fisch Rd while we lived in NYC, gave us a taste of full size kitchen living, giant king sized bed sleeping, and outdoor space a New Yorker living in Hells Kitchen cant even dream of.  And my favorite thing...Vermont delivers weather 8 months out of the year, that demand fires in the wood burning stove.  The flickering light, the warmth revealed, and the smell of a crackling fire filled the house on those chilly sunday afternoons with football playing on the TV.  Hands down, it is one of my most favorite things.

Since our move to Chicago in early 2013, we have been longing for a return to Fisch Rd. Currently, that home I called a second home, is for sale. It is bittersweet. So before it sells, we made a pilgrimage back. Sunday August 10th, we loaded our three trusty canines into the Forester and hit the interstates...Vermont or Bust! 15 hours later, we arrived.  

We stayed a week...it was a week of some relaxation mixed with a ton of cleaning and packing, combined with the best sleep in the world. 6 days later it sadly was over as we hitched a small trailer to the car, loaded it with odds and ends we have been wishing we had from the house, and drove back to Chicago.  

The following images were taken on my very first weekend trip to Vermont with B.  I met B on February 16th, 2006 and on February 24th, 2006 he introduced me to 68 Fisch Rd.  That weekend, a weekend of new things that unbeknownst to me at the time, were going to become a part of me, forever.

Just in case you are in the market, or someone you know is, here is the link to your possible destiny.... http://listings.berkleyveller.com/idx/details/listing/a027/4164192/68-Fisch-Road