the 313.

Last weekend B and I made a long weekend adventure we had been talking about for while now...we went to Detroit. The downtown area reminded me of being in downtown Cleveland back in the day...empty streets. No one walking about. When you see a car driving you wonder where on earth could they be going? But you get just into Midtown or meander back into Corktown and you can feel vibrance peeking through the concrete seams. The falling mortar and the burning buildings that happen frequently throughout the city may seem destructive, but with each bit of building that falls and with each house that is demolished, Detroit is rebuilding.

Graffiti is everywhere like wallpaper in your grandma's house. Wonderful and beautiful graffiti. Blocks long that are full of conceptual art exist -  The Heidelberg Project. It was really something to see.

We stayed at an Airbnb place right downtown and our host is actually a tour guide. One very interesting bit of info he gave us was that just a few years ago, there were 47 buildings downtown that were vacant. Today, there are somewhere around 6 (thanks Dan Gilbert).  

Improvement folks.  Improvement.

I took many pictures.  Here are some I would like to share.







A special thanks to our personal Ambassador to Detroit, my dear friend from OWU days, TJ.  I had not seen him since 1996!  It was great to see him and it always is an amazing thing when you can pick up a friendship like no time has passed.  And much to my delight, some of the great stencil and wheatpaste we were seeing around town was his...