Going through the archives: Tennessee. May2005

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE  MAY 2005.  Pentax K1000,  Fuji NPC 160 35mm.

So my oldest archived folder that has made it through a few different hard drive crashes, is one labeled 2005 05 tennessee.  It contains images i took when i traveled to visit one of my very best friends, Charity, who had moved away.  Far away from NYC to Knoxville, TN.  She had graduated from living in weird NYC apartments and now Charity had moved into a home where her stove did not have to be the storage place for her pots. 

For me, looking back at these, it was obviously a foreshadowing to To Be a Kid Photography's birth.  And also interesting to note, these were shot on film.  At the time, my favorite high contrast crisp film of choice was Fuji NPC 160.  And for all your photo geeks, i would rate it at 200.

Here are some favorites from the roll or two shot on my weekend getaway....