Time For a Change...and a new decade of life.

My goal was to launch my new site before the next giant chapter of my life begins...before I turn 40. Before tomorrow. GULP.

I am still working out some kinks, but take a look.

All three of my current domain names will all now go to one place.

www.tobeakidphotography.com   www.colleenchrzanowski.com    www.offthehanger.cc

Attempting this task of launching a new website meant I had to shuffle through numerous hard drives to find images worthy of sharing with the public.  What quickly happened was that I was spending waaaaay too much time looking through old files making the task at hand very very lengthy.

So to both satisfy myself as well as hopefully entertain you all, i am going to be do one post a week (or whenever i can find the time) here on this blog, which i am calling Sharing is Caring. This way, i can finally justify spending waaaaay too much time going down memory lane.  The first one will be posted tomorrow.

I hope you find my visual musings worthwhile enough to make Sharing is Caring a regular stop on your world wide web travels.

I leave you with a photo found in the archives of me and my trusty beagle, Louise.  A shadow portrait.