the 313.

Last weekend B and I made a long weekend adventure we had been talking about for while now...we went to Detroit. The downtown area reminded me of being in downtown Cleveland back in the day...empty streets. No one walking about. When you see a car driving you wonder where on earth could they be going? But you get just into Midtown or meander back into Corktown and you can feel vibrance peeking through the concrete seams. The falling mortar and the burning buildings that happen frequently throughout the city may seem destructive, but with each bit of building that falls and with each house that is demolished, Detroit is rebuilding.

Graffiti is everywhere like wallpaper in your grandma's house. Wonderful and beautiful graffiti. Blocks long that are full of conceptual art exist -  The Heidelberg Project. It was really something to see.

We stayed at an Airbnb place right downtown and our host is actually a tour guide. One very interesting bit of info he gave us was that just a few years ago, there were 47 buildings downtown that were vacant. Today, there are somewhere around 6 (thanks Dan Gilbert).  

Improvement folks.  Improvement.

I took many pictures.  Here are some I would like to share.







A special thanks to our personal Ambassador to Detroit, my dear friend from OWU days, TJ.  I had not seen him since 1996!  It was great to see him and it always is an amazing thing when you can pick up a friendship like no time has passed.  And much to my delight, some of the great stencil and wheatpaste we were seeing around town was his...



05301. A zip code of beauty.

Vermont has been a part of my adult life since 2006, and for that, I am grateful. It not only signifies that someone very special had entered my life, but also, it reminded me that there were ways to live other than the urban grind in which i was deeply embedded.  Countless weekends, during all four seasons, were enjoyed up in the ever beautiful Brattleboro area in southern Vermont.  Having the house up on Fisch Rd while we lived in NYC, gave us a taste of full size kitchen living, giant king sized bed sleeping, and outdoor space a New Yorker living in Hells Kitchen cant even dream of.  And my favorite thing...Vermont delivers weather 8 months out of the year, that demand fires in the wood burning stove.  The flickering light, the warmth revealed, and the smell of a crackling fire filled the house on those chilly sunday afternoons with football playing on the TV.  Hands down, it is one of my most favorite things.

Since our move to Chicago in early 2013, we have been longing for a return to Fisch Rd. Currently, that home I called a second home, is for sale. It is bittersweet. So before it sells, we made a pilgrimage back. Sunday August 10th, we loaded our three trusty canines into the Forester and hit the interstates...Vermont or Bust! 15 hours later, we arrived.  

We stayed a was a week of some relaxation mixed with a ton of cleaning and packing, combined with the best sleep in the world. 6 days later it sadly was over as we hitched a small trailer to the car, loaded it with odds and ends we have been wishing we had from the house, and drove back to Chicago.  

The following images were taken on my very first weekend trip to Vermont with B.  I met B on February 16th, 2006 and on February 24th, 2006 he introduced me to 68 Fisch Rd.  That weekend, a weekend of new things that unbeknownst to me at the time, were going to become a part of me, forever.

Just in case you are in the market, or someone you know is, here is the link to your possible destiny....


Going through the archives. Cleveland. 4th of July 2009

Happy 4th folks.  This blast from the past was just that...a blast.  Bob and Liz Brett know how to throw a party.

It began with festive tom-foolery; Red, White and Blue Jell-O shots.  All class from my Cleveland peeps.

It began with festive tom-foolery; Red, White and Blue Jell-O shots.  All class from my Cleveland peeps.

And it ended with a stunning BANG...

Have a very fun and festive and safe 4th everyone.

Going through the archives: Tennessee. May2005

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE  MAY 2005.  Pentax K1000,  Fuji NPC 160 35mm.

So my oldest archived folder that has made it through a few different hard drive crashes, is one labeled 2005 05 tennessee.  It contains images i took when i traveled to visit one of my very best friends, Charity, who had moved away.  Far away from NYC to Knoxville, TN.  She had graduated from living in weird NYC apartments and now Charity had moved into a home where her stove did not have to be the storage place for her pots. 

For me, looking back at these, it was obviously a foreshadowing to To Be a Kid Photography's birth.  And also interesting to note, these were shot on film.  At the time, my favorite high contrast crisp film of choice was Fuji NPC 160.  And for all your photo geeks, i would rate it at 200.

Here are some favorites from the roll or two shot on my weekend getaway....

Time For a Change...and a new decade of life.

My goal was to launch my new site before the next giant chapter of my life begins...before I turn 40. Before tomorrow. GULP.

I am still working out some kinks, but take a look.

All three of my current domain names will all now go to one place.

Attempting this task of launching a new website meant I had to shuffle through numerous hard drives to find images worthy of sharing with the public.  What quickly happened was that I was spending waaaaay too much time looking through old files making the task at hand very very lengthy.

So to both satisfy myself as well as hopefully entertain you all, i am going to be do one post a week (or whenever i can find the time) here on this blog, which i am calling Sharing is Caring. This way, i can finally justify spending waaaaay too much time going down memory lane.  The first one will be posted tomorrow.

I hope you find my visual musings worthwhile enough to make Sharing is Caring a regular stop on your world wide web travels.

I leave you with a photo found in the archives of me and my trusty beagle, Louise.  A shadow portrait.